Fund Strategy
Key Objectives

As the fund manager, SCB Asset management's key objectives are to deliver the unit holder steady and sustainable distributions in long term, while realizing the benefits from continuous improvement and quality enhancement of the invested properties. In order to achieve such objectives, our strategies are as follows:

• Property Management Strategies •

With respect to the management of invested properties, the Fund and Management Company will periodically monitor the performance of the properties and compare the results to pre-established annual budget, as well as the previous year's operating results, in order to ensure that the invested properties can achieve targeted level of profitability.

In the case that the operating results does not meet the required target, the Fund will carefully analyze the cause of the problem and coordinate closely with the Property Manager to improve the action plan in order to ensure that the invested properties' performance achieve the target.

Furthermore, the Fund will cooperate with the Property Manager to create business growth and enhance the customer relationship, as well as manage the occupancy rate and rental rate to maximize the benefits to the fund. In addition, the Fund Manager will engage in cost management with respect to the marketing expenditure as well as risk management of the property's operation.

• Yield Management and Marketing Strategies •

In maximizing the return, the strategy will includes evaluating and setting the appropriate rental rates.

• Operating Effectiveness Improvement •

The Fund will cooperate with the Property Manager to improve the effectiveness of management over the invested properties, along with controlling the operating expenses without negatively affecting the service quality.

• Maintaining Investment Quality •

The Fund and the Property Manager will closely cooperate in order to enhance the invested properties' capabilities by:

  • Adjusting the marketing and pricing strategies as well as the services quality to match the needs of the targeted customers.
  • Maintaining the quality of invested properties. This includes maintaining and improving the public and specific areas in accordance with its usage.

Other strategies include continuously improving the invested properties' image, maintaining the invested properties' standard and conditions, to achieve customers' satisfaction.